about us

Bond Street Eats was born out of a passion for the simplicity and deliciousness of good quality, wholesome food that celebrates vegetables and plants.  

Elaine Young is the founder of Bond St Eats, and on returning to Brisbane after living in Dubai for four years and spending three months in South India studying yoga, she was inspired to share some of the delicious food she learned to make during her travels, and from many years spent learning to cook for herself as a vegetarian.  

"I'm a self-taught cook, the food is simple, nourishing everyday stuff I cook at home made from whole, natural ingredients, but it's packed full of flavour. It's basically all the delicious salads and vegetables most people wish they had the time to make." 

"I hope to not only make nourishing, plant based food more accessible, but to create food that is so delicious that everyone is inspired to eat more plants."