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Old Cossack Kefir

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Our friends at Old Cossack make a beautiful range of water kefir, kefir krauts, raw apple cider vinegar and gut health tonics, all hand-made in Brisbane from local, sustainably sourced ingredients. We use their products every week, both at home (our favourite is the ginger turmeric water kefir) and through Bond Street, for example pickling beetroots using their apple cider vinegar.

We receive no commission on sales we simply believe wholeheartedly in their products and would love you to be able to enjoy them too. Order directly through their delivery website and essentially add to your meal pack for delivery or pick-up from Wandering Cooks on Tuesdays 4.30-5.30pm.

Get your orders in by 6pm Sundays (same as our meal packs) and mention Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, Cnr Cordelia Street, South Brisbane 4101 as your point of delivery. Use coupon 'bond street' to waive delivery fees.

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